Who We Are

RDA/Real Design Associates is a New York-based design and branding studio. We help clients around the world to reflect their visual communications and find creative strategies to move their brands into the future.

Founded by Margot Perman and Jürgen Riehle, RDA creates brand identities, environments, publications, campaigns, films and exhibitions for international organizations and institutions. The agency’s work includes brand identities for the Green Climate Fund, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, the Guggenheim Museums, the Asian Development Bank, and Yo-Yo Ma.

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and communicate their vision in unique, immediately recognizable ways. Our work is a catalyst for change.

RDA’s work communicates across cultural boundaries with clarity, simplicity and the visual impact that comes from understanding the inner substance of our clients’ vision and individuality. We not only research and design but also help our clients to advocate and manage creative transition.

We believe in design as a constant practice of observation, reflection and creation; we integrate our experiences into an evolving vision that embraces multiple disciplines. RDA's practice is rooted in the physical world – our creative work never begins or ends at a computer but in interaction with materials people, and technologies, from letterpress to film, photography and environmental design. As part of this vision, we established an analog studio workshop near the Greenport waterfront in 2019.

RDA’s work has won numerous awards and competitions, including the 100 Show, the AIGA Show,the Mohawk Show, the Utopia Design Showcase, the Communication Arts and Graphis Design Annuals, and the American Association of Museums Award. RDA principal Margot Perman was a 2009 nominee for the National Design Award.